Ethernet Backbone Switchgear

When LEC Founder, Randy Leman first started his career at caterpillar, if a customer wanted to control a generator, a switchgear engineer would have to interconnect maybe 100 wires to that generator. It was an extremely cumbersome process.

However, in 2006, Randy Leman was working for APT, he had a concept for ethernet backbone switchgear, which traveled with him across four, different jobs until he founded LEC when he founded and applied the ethernet backbone switchgear concept.

Ethernet backbone switchgear allows that engineer to replace that bundle of 100 wires with one ethernet wire, you would have total control with only one wire, making data manipulation simple. It was just a very effective way to simplify the whole power system concept.

Despite how powerful ethernet backbone switchgear is compared to what preceded it, many companies have no interest in pursuing centralized control.

However, at LEC, we believe that centralized control is the evolution of switchgear, like how the internet is the evolution of how we get information.