LaCeiba, Honduras: Large Power Plant Project

The country of Honduras is a beautiful, mountainous place with incredible, hospitable people.  Honduras is also rich in history, culture and natural resources.  Traveling to the city of Copan provides a great opportunity to visit ancient Mayan ruins.  Traveling to the Honduran island of Roatan offers an incredible journey to the largest barrier reef in the western hemisphere.  Flying into San Pedro Sula, you will see large banana and pineapple farms from the air.

Honduras is a country that is rapidly modernizing with infrastructure and all the amenities that go along with it.  What does the society demand with the modernization?  Electricity!  And not only that, but reliable electrical power.

LEC engaged with its customer to provide critical power systems components for a new 87.5MW heavy fuel oil-fired power plant in the city LaCeiba, on the north coast of Honduras.  LEC provided the following:

  • 15kV metal clad switchgear
  • 480V distribution switchboard
  • Generator cooling controls
  • On-site commissioning services

The power plant is in operation today, utilizing large medium speed generators provided by MAN, Germany.  The power plant is making a difference for the people of Honduras.