Wilson Creek: Natural Gas Power Plant

Driving a couple hours north of Calgary is interesting. Drive west, and you’ll get to the Rocky Mountains and Banff – beautiful. Around the Wilson Creek Power Plant, you’ll find farmers raising canola and even some buffalo!

Canada has a lot of natural gas and limited ways to get rid of it all. This creates excellent opportunities for natural gas electrical power generation.

LEC provided a “double wide” E-house that operates at 4160V. Our client provided 2 x Cummins natural gas generators along with 4 x MWM natural gas generators. Combined output is around 9MW.

LEC does a lot to help client get to the point where they can put power out on the electrical grid, including:

   •   Working with multiple generator vendors for correct controls interface
   •   Working with 2 separate utility companies to get them the correct DNP data that they need for            monitoring the plant output
   •   Working with other contractors to help get correct operation of pole mounted recloser controls
   •   Working with client to get correct internet connectivity to site, so they can deploy power plant              anywhere in the world
   •   Working with consulting engineers to make sure protection schemes operate per their design


This effort requires collaboration, collaboration, collaboration. Does it always go smoothly? No. Do we give up? Never! We, too, are always learning. We’re here to help make your project a success, even when that includes spending multiple hours on the phone with tech support figuring out how to negate a DNP recloser trip command so that it operates properly.

All in a day’s work for LEC!