Is an E-House Right for Your Business?

What is an E-House?

“E-House” is shorthand lingo for an Electrical House / Power House.  This is a prefabricated, outdoor building with low voltage or medium voltage switchgear installed inside.  LEC E-houses are built on a structural steel base with formed steel walls and roof.  These E-houses feature HVAC, floor, wall and ceiling insulation and other great features to make these buildings very friendly in an otherwise hostile environment.

An E-house is especially useful in remote locations where it is less practical to bring in construction crews or, when you want to minimize on-site prep work.  You can literally run screw piles into the ground, use a laser transit to cut the piles level, set the E-house on top of the piles, weld, and you’re ready to go!

Here at LEC we use an excellent E-house supplier to provide us the empty buildings where we install our high-tech LEC switchgear into the E-house.  We do all the electrical work inside to complete the building.  We also bring in UL/CSA inspectors as necessary to label the finished product before it goes to the job site!

Want less hassle in your life?  Try an LEC E-house on your next project!