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Since 2013, LEC has helped customers all over the world gain centralized control over their power system through customized switchgear. Below are just a few articles about some our customers, their projects, and the ever-changing power market.

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Wilson Creek: Natural Gas Power Plant

Canada has a lot of natural gas and limited ways to get rid of it all. This creates excellent opportunities for natural gas electrical power generation. LEC provided a “double…
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Thule power plant operators running their new Caterpillar generator from LEC web server for first time!

Thule Air Base: Bringing New, High-Speed Generation to Their Power Plant.

Thule Air Base is solely powered by diesel power generation, running on JP-8 jet fuel. Their generators date back to the 50’s and 60’s, and are highly reliable medium speed…
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A peek inside SCADA control room picture

Supporting Efforts at Soto Cano U.S.A. / Honduran Air Base

Soto Cano is an air force base in Honduras. It is a joint venture between the US and Honduras, primarily working in a drug interdiction role against the illegal drug…
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Potential Savings: An Introduction to the Generator Power Market

There are two generator power markets – standby (emergency) power and prime power.  Prime power means that the generator is the sole source of electrical power and runs whenever power…
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LaCeiba, Honduras: Large Power Plant Project

The country of Honduras is a beautiful, mountainous place with incredible, hospitable people.  Honduras is also rich in history, culture and natural resources.  Traveling to the city of Copan provides…
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Supporting Those Who Support the Downtrodden

On March, 2016, LEC got involved in a small power project when a missionary named Dale, was in the process of renovating a hospital in Malumghat, Bangladesh called Memorial Christian…
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