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Our process is all about communicating with a client to understand what they need. The quotation may go through multiple revisions until we understand exactly what our client is looking for.

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At LEC, we understand that each project is unique. That is why we pride ourselves on delivering “out-of-the-box” solutions with the industry expertise to understand your specific needs and complete your project smoothly.

It all begins with a quote.

After connecting you with our sales department, we dive straight into the technical narrative that describes exactly what we are building. Common questions include: “What is the system voltage? How many generators on the project? What is the fuel type? What is the surrounding environment?” It is common for our quotes to go through multiple revisions until we understand exactly what our client is looking for.


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The beginning of the process is communicating with a client to understand their need.  Our best work is when the client doesn’t necessarily have every detail worked out themselves.  If they are open to having a dialog, then ideas begin to form.  Solutions begin to take shape.  

We look at it from the vantage point that the new equipment where our own – what would we want if it were ours?  What are valuable features to the operator versus cost?  How can we optimize the system for best overall value?  We really don’t like it when we see features that drive up cost that have no apparent value to the client.  We are not legally considered a “fiduciary” to our clients – but that is how we think of ourselves.

After thoroughly discussing exactly what you want for your project, we go through our submittal process so our client can see the physical and electrical attributes of our proposed product, along with a bill of materials. Once this is approved, we go straight to production.

We have excellent vendors in all phases of our business as well as our excellent LEC switchgear experts who only produce the highest quality equipment. Once the product is complete, LEC ships the products directly to our client where it will either be installed by electricians supplied by our client, or by the on-site support of our LEC team.

Our Process: Step by Step

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Success Stories

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"Their systems are complete and their follow through is excellent. They understand the simple and the complex." - Larry H.
"Leman Engineering has been the perfect integration partner, easily meeting our complex controls schemes and very demanding time schedules. I would highly recommend their services to everyone!" - David P.
"They don’t just treat you like a customer; they treat you like a friend! We can always count on LEC for prompt, professional service." - Greg P.
"Their products are always well conceived and well executed." - Mark C.
"They bring solutions to my problems. Very bright and honest, they do smart work." - Jon S.
"I have always found them very helpful and courteous." - Imran S.
"They are professional, on-time, exceed expectations, and quality of work is exceptional!" - Steve M.
"LEC has been absolutely the best to work with. Their attention to detail and customer support was amazing; from an onsite quotation to their meticulous testing process!!" - W. Wilson

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LEC is dedicated to giving your company the centralized control that your business needs to thrive. If you have any questions or need help, feel free to call us any time at +1 (765) 563-8921. We hope to hear from you soon!

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