About Us

Since 2014, LEC has designed and built custom switchgear and control panels for companies all over the world. Staffed with an incredible team of switchgear experts, they will custom-create your project at the highest quality, for the best price.

Delivering Custom Switchgear for Every Project

A Professional Team Of Switchgear Experts, Committed To Bringing Your Switchgear Needs To Life!

Leman Engineering & Consulting (LEC) is comprised of a professional team of switchgear experts, with over 70+ years of combined industry experience. LEC designs and builds custom switchgear and control panels, while also providing field start-up assistance and troubleshooting when needed.

Our mission is to provide our customers with clever, cost-effective products and solutions that optimize their power systems while remaining reliable and sensible to operate. These improvements resonate throughout our customer’s facility, business, and even their country.

Dedication and Experience


When it comes to our place in the power generation business, LEC stands as a niche business in the RICE power generation world, suppling a critical component part of a larger electrical power system. LEC works to understand engine-driven generator sets and how to control them to produce electrical power. This is especially important as the generator switchgear and control business is a custom business. There is a great deal of variety; different types of engines running on different types of fuel, different kW ratings, different voltages, different applications (standby, prime power, utility parallel, single units, multiple, units, etc.), and different job sites each with its own site-specific requirements.

Unfortunately, our competition has a very narrow understanding of this, as they tend to operate under departments that specialize in a single aspect of the creation process, rather than seeing the product as a fully integrated package. This leads to higher product costs, errors, and a rigid design process. When customers call-in with questions, the response is often perceived as a having lack of responsiveness or expertise with replies such as “I’m sorry, I need to transfer you to a different department”.

At LEC, we understand the entire product and its application; from the first sheet metal panel to the last line of software code.  It doesn’t take customers long to figure out that this is extremely valuable. We also provide customers with a very cost-effective solution in comparison with our competition, partly in thanks to our low overhead cost structure.

Certified. Custom. Reliable. Cost Effective.

Providing The Perfect Switchgear / Switchboard Solution To Every Project, Every Time.

When you contact LEC, you will immediately be in touch with our professional team of switchgear experts who will discuss your needs in depth until we understand exactly what you are looking for. Then we will send you the physical and electrical attributes of our proposed product and revise as needed until it meets with your expectations. Need a custom solution? That’s our specialty!