Wondering if Leman Engineering & Consulting (LEC) is a good fit for your business? Below are just a few of the questions customers ask when considering us. 

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Good question. We would advise that customers reach out to us when they are in need of the following products:

Low and medium voltage switchgear and controls

Generator paralleling projects

Customized switchgear with non-standard dimensions
This is a great question. While no company can offer you a 100% guarantee, there is a need for the products and services we provide. When it comes to earning the loyalty and trust of our customers, it usually works like this: new clients tend to try us out with a small project.

Normally, we meet or exceed their expectations. From there, they trust us with larger projects with us. We never claim to be perfect, but we are transparent and deeply value the immense trust our customers place in us. As most of our clients are repeat customers, we believe in what we are doing and are satisfied that we are doing right by our customers.
Will your project be installed indoors or outdoors?

What is the location of the job site?

Is it a generator project? If so, please provide the necessary kW, voltage and number of generators required.

Please provide the operational modes of the power system – automatic standby, utility paralleling, etc.

If it is not a generator project, please provide a single line diagram to review for discussion.

Please describe your problem in detail so we can best decide how to help you going forward.
When it comes to the power generation business, large companies tend to focus on the general needs of the customer; offering limited services and prelisted power options.

If a customers’ needs would be better met with a custom solution, that option is usually turned down in favor of a prelisted power option with minimal changes. This singular mindset is especially prevalent in switchgear, where many engineers are not overly familiar with the switchgear components and end up overcharging the customer.

In contrast, LEC is a small company, made up of switchgear experts, that give customers’ our full attention while offering custom solutions and a wide variety of services.

We pride ourselves on delivering “out-of-the-box” solutions with the industry expertise to understand your specific needs and complete your project smoothly. For example, we boast years of experience in making dissimilar generators work in harmony.
In 2010, the founder of LEC, Randy Leman was at the point in his career as an electrical engineer that he saw a need for professional, custom work in the switchgear industry and began doing freelance work on his own time, operating out of his garage.

By 2013 Randy had enough regular customers that he began laying the groundwork to transform part-time, freelance business into a fully operational company.

Finally, on February 19, 2014, LEC had its first day as a full-time business. From there, LEC started as a three-man operation, and once demands got large enough, he moved business to its current location in 2016 where LEC has only continued to grow.
In the 90’s much of power generation business was diesel related. This was before Tier 2 or Tier 4 ever existed. Life was simpler back then! Especially since bulk diesel fuel could be purchased for $1 per gallon, sometimes less!

Today we still have diesel projects, but natural gas is much more commonplace. Also, people are much more reliant on “all-in-one” controllers to do the heavy lifting. As a result, much of the knowledge concerning how the power generation works and why has been lost.
Wouldn’t a crystal ball be handy? No one can say exactly what the future holds. However, as the power market today is largely fueled by technological advancement and society’s desire to find cleaner ways of living, green energy is ever-growing popularity. The movement to electric cars is an excellent example of this.

With all signs pointing to a continued increase in renewable energy projects and beefed-up electrical grids to compensate, the need for power generation seems to only increase.

This business changes over time, but it does not go away.
While many power generation companies' methods remain pretty singular, LEC is a company that prides itself on delivering “out-of-the-box” solutions with the industry expertise to understand your specific needs and complete your project smoothly.

LEC has invented ways of using motor-generators to get around sticky utility interconnection issues. We love leveraging on the power of ethernet to kill multiple birds with a single stone. We like to listen to your opportunities and then try to apply a variation of the “golden rule” to it. How would I want it done if it were mine? We love to serve!"

Suppling reliable, trustworthy products for the right price, at the right time. Find Your Customized Switchgear Solution Now!

Helping Customers Improve Their Power Systems WORLDWIDE!

We Have Site-Specific Switchgear For Every Location.

LEC stands as one of the most trusted companies in the RICE switchgear industry. Regardless of location or circumstance, LEC is dedicated to giving your company the centralized control that your business needs to thrive.   

LEC goes above and beyond to provide their customers with clever, cost-effective products and solutions that optimize their power systems while remaining reliable and sensible to operate.

No matter the project, LEC prides itself on always suppling reliable, trustworthy products for the right price, at the right time. From on-site quotations to start-up and commissioning services, LEC is the perfect switchgear integration partner.


Projects Worldwide 

Our team has provided custom solutions, consulting and troubleshooting assistance for companies all over the world.


Years of Industry Experience

LEC represents decades of experienced engineering, building, and deploying specialized switchgear and control systems for the power generation industry.  

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