Outdoor Paralleling Switchboard

Outdoor paralleling switchboards are used to parallel two or more generator sets together, so that their combined output power is supplied to site load.

“We are here to meet all your customized generator switchgear needs. Call now to speak with a paralleling switchgear specialist and let us know how we can help!”

– Randy Leman, Founder & President of LEC

Product Overview

Outdoor paralleling switchboards are used to parallel two or more generator sets together, so that their combined output power is supplied to site load.

Need custom dimensions?  We’ve got you covered.

Need feeder breakers, surge protective devices, or high accuracy metering? No problem.

Want to integrate an ATS into your switchboard? We can do it!

Our Products and Services

LEC works as a niche business in the Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engine (RICE) power generation world, supplying a critical component of a larger electrical power system. LEC understands engine-driven generator sets and how to control them.

RICE power generation has great variety:

    • •   Different makes and sizes of engines running on different types of fuel
      •   Different kW ratings
      •   Different voltages
      •   Different applications: standby, prime power, utility parallel, single units, multiple units, etc.
      •   Different job sites which have site-specific requirements

  • LEC offers paralleling switchgear and controls – primarily for the power generation industry.  Primarily related to reciprocating internal combustion engines (RICE) driven generators.  Does this sound like a niche business?  It definitely is.  LEC has an in-depth understanding of paralleling these type machines:  with each other, with dissimilar machines, and against utility grids.  Against “infinite” busses and with “finite” busses.

Our Products

    • •   Switchgear and switchboards – low and medium voltage
    • •   Motor starter and custom control panels
    • •   Circuit breaker enclosures, busbar boxes
    • •   Custom automation and controls
    • •   Custom sheet metal enclosures
    • •   E-house outdoor switchgear buildings

Our Services

    • •   Hands on consulting
    • •   Value engineering
    • •   Field commissions / start-up assistance
    • •   Providing great schematics
    • •   User friendly operating manuals

General Information:

What kind of certification does LEC have?

LEC switchgear has ISO9001:2015 and UL 891 Certification.

What standards is LEC switchgear applicable to?

Our switchgear is designed to applicable UL and CSA standards.  LEC commonly conducts field inspections for UL/CSA labeling when required.

How do customers learn to run the equipment and keep the system updated/maintained? 

LEC supplies manuals, schematics and literature to clients so they can successfully operate our equipment.  LEC also offers on-site start-up and commissioning assistance, including operator training. We also offer troubleshooting resources/support as phone/email/on-site support.

What voltages are covered by LEC switchgear?

LEC deals in a variety of voltages, from 208VAC to 15kV class and above.

How will my product be shipped? How do you protect it from damage during shipping?

LEC builds products to ship to customers – from smaller control panels that fit in a cardboard box to large parallel systems that ship in multiple sea van type containers.