All-In-One Switchgear Controller Architecture

switchgear controller

Control Schemes:

#1 – All-In-One switchgear controller architecture

#2 – All-In-One controller with Custom Switchgear HMI architecture

#3 – Ethernet-backboned switchgear HMI / PLC

This architecture utilizes a 3rd party all-in-one controller integrated into LEC switchgear. This controller is typically door mounted in the switchgear control compartment. A separate dead front compartment is provided for the main circuit breaker and load cable connections area.

  • Advantages: least expensive design. Works well when the customer is already familiar with the all-in-one controller.
  • Disadvantages: all-in-one controller interface is typically a 2 or 4 line text display with navigation buttons. The interface is usually constructed of menus and submenus and can be difficult to navigate.

Popular all-in-one switchgear controllers include: Woodward EasyGen, Deep Sea, ComAp, DEIF, others.