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Ancillary Electrical Switchgear Integration

Ancillary Electrical Switchgear Integration, Distribution and Control Produces Savings

An area where LEC especially shines is the aggregation of ancillary distribution and controls for your power system into the switchgear. What does this mean? It means your life just got easier.
Your power system requires the following:

  • Battery charger
  • Jacket water heater circuit with disconnect when engine is running
  • Radiator fan motor starters (?)
  • Generator set ventilation motor starters (?)
  • House power lighting and convenience receptacle circuits (?)
  • Step-down transformer for feeding house loads (?)

There are big advantages to including all this stuff within the switchgear:

  1. Now the switchgear is a single enclosure for all generator set electrical needs. This greatly simplifies installation in the field (fewer conduit runs)!
  2. The power system suddenly becomes very well integrated rather than multiple boxes serving separate functions that don’t play nice together.
  3. You don’t have to chase around multiple electrical vendors and double check their work to make sure all the puzzle pieces fit together. It’s already done for you!
  4. In some cases, it makes sense to integrate some or all of these functions into the HMI. Now you can control and monitor these ancillaries remotely!