About LEC

Our Vision for the Future

LEC is a business that designs and builds custom switchgear and control panels. We also do consulting work – in terms of custom design and also custom work in the field – troubleshooting, start-up assistance, etc.

The way LEC sees it, the generator switchgear and control business is largely a custom business. There is a great deal of variety – different types of engines running on different types of fuel, different kW ratings, different voltages, different applications (standby, prime power, utility parallel, single units, multiple, units, etc.), different job sites with site-specific requirements, etc. Customers in this business value great service with minimized drama. If LEC does a great job for a competitive price and delivers on its promises with minimal hand-holding, then there is a place in the greater power generation business for LEC. This has been demonstrated many times and LEC believes it will continue to be true.

Customers in this business value great service with minimized drama.

To this point, LEC has been getting its collective feet under it. It has been exciting and nerve racking, but so far successful.

In the short term, LEC is working to put together critical mass in terms of customer orders so that the business reaches viability. During this time, LEC hopes to hire a full time EE and a full time shop assembler.

The building LEC purchased is modest, but meets the requirements for the business. Building improvements have been started and are ongoing.

In the medium term, LEC hopes to grow to employ approximately 10 employees. Our intention is to keep our number of customers relatively low so that we can take extraordinarily good care of our greatest asset (our customers!).