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Supporting Missionaries Who Support the Downtrodden

Through a circuitous path, LEC got involved in a small power project in Bangladesh (of all places!).  A missionary that I’ve really come to respect is involved in building/renovating a hospital there, called Memorial Christian Hospital.  There is a crisis in that part of the world that involves the Rohingya people.  Although my understanding of the situation is quite minimal – I think this is a predominantly Muslim people that are refugees – fleeing their homes in Myanmar due to ethnic cleansing.  Reminds me of some of the pictures we had in our social studies books growing up of various calamities throughout history.  This is one happening right before our eyes.



The missionary working on this project – I’ll refer to him as “Dale” – is a fantastic guy that is instrumental in electrifying this hospital.  Dale explained to me that they have utility power present to run the hospital, but that it is fantastically unreliable.  On the order of 5-10 outages per day!  So Dale needed some switchgear and controls that would automatically start, parallel and transfer to generator power when needed.  Then, execute closed transition return back to utility when utility is again available.  A couple hitches:


  • Dale was starting with small, non-paralleling Cummins gensets – need to make them parallel
  • Need a control scheme that is very easy to use
  • Need to integrate a tap changing transformer type automatic voltage regulator into the scheme – to regulate the wildly fluctuating utility voltage
  • Need to integrate automatic power factor correction into the circuitry
  • Need to arrange the switchgear to fit into the space available along with top entry for everything
  • Need to make the switchgear front access only
  • Need to do this very cost effectively

So LEC built some custom switchgear with built-in ATS functionality for this purpose.  It features a clever double-hinged door design.  Open the main hinged panels for complete access to switchgear interior to run cables.  When finished, now access all controls by opening smaller control doors.

LEC also built some genset paralleling kits to be attached and wired to the Cummins generators.  The system is yet to be commissioned, but we believe and are hopeful that the system will be easy to install and effective.


Do you have a power project where some clever design work would come in handy?  Contact the fine staff of Leman Engineering and Consulting!  We’d love to work with you.



Want to know more about Dale and what’s going on with his hospital in Bangladesh?