Ancillary Electrical Switchgear Integration

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Ancillary Electrical Switchgear Integration, Distribution and Control Produces Savings An area where LEC especially shines is the aggregation of ancillary distribution and controls for your power system into the switchgear. What does this mean? It means your life just got easier. Your power system requires the following: Battery charger Jacket water heater circuit with disconnect when […]

Our Vision for the Future

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LEC is a business that designs and builds custom switchgear and control panels. We also do consulting work – in terms of custom design and also custom work in the field – troubleshooting, start-up assistance, etc. The way LEC sees it, the generator switchgear and control business is largely a custom business. There is a […]

Randy Leman, LEC’s Founder

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Randy Leman is a 1992 Purdue EET graduate. Randy worked for Caterpillar Power Systems from 1992 to 2000 and was instrumental in the design and development of the Caterpillar switchgear program. Randy then worked for a private switchgear company through 2006, briefly for Power Secure out of a home office for 6 months, and finally […]