About LEC

The LEC Story

Leman Engineering was started in 2010 when a friend suggested that Randy build him a fuel transfer pump oscillating control panel. The friend had built them himself in the past. Randy agreed and went through the steps of running a business – writing the quote, receiving the order, procuring the parts, manufacturing, testing, shipping and invoicing. This was a great “Eureka!” moment when it was discovered that this is doable. Since that time, LEC has steadily grown.

In 2013, more formal steps were taken to transform this part-time business into a full time business. The business was converted from a DBA into an S-Corp. Some start-up money was put together, and a building was purchased. Finally, on February 19, 2014, LEC had its first day as a full time business.

Today, LEC operates out of a building with 5000 square feet of manufacturing space and 1200 square feet of office space.